Some Clients Aren't Just Clients

I think everyone knows that. But some clients really are just different. That's how Mallory and Spencer are. I first met Mal a few years ago when taking her college graduation photos, and remember having the best time with her and her sweet golden retriever, and not long after, I got a message asking me to shoot her engagement photos! Then we did mommy and me photos of her and her sweet baby boy, and then finally finished up with a wedding!

I know this sounds like a lot, but it's one of those fun situations where you get to watch a college girl grow into a married and beautiful mother with a sweet man right by her side the whole way. These are the sort of stories I love, and I just adore having the kind of clients who let me tell this sort of long form story with them.

Congratulations again to Mallory and Spencer! Now let's check out some of the prettiest moments of November 20, 2020!