Location, location, location...

The dress is picked out, the props are purchased, and we know where to meet, but location is perhaps one of the most important decisions you can make for your grad session. I love when my grads ask for advice on locations and volunteer their own creative ideas. A little creativity can create some amazing images, and looking at classic locations from a different angle can create some true beauty.

Timing and weather obviously play a roll, but in general, these are locations I love for photographing grads!

The President's Mansion

A truly iconic location on The University of Alabama campus, this location speaks to my southern heart. Sitting in the middle of campus, looking on to all the goings-on, this particular landmark is one of my favorite backdrops for graduation photos. It's stunning columns and arches have seen snowpacolypse, football wins, President's Parties, and thousands of outstanding graduates. It's simply gorgeous from any angle.

The Magnolia Parking Deck

I'll admit, this one may seem a little far-fetched, but hear me out. If the photos below aren't enough to convince you to give this location a shot, realize that this is a very under-utilized location that gives a very southern campus a more urban feel. If you're ready for a simple location with a peak of the beloved Bryant-Denny Stadium in the background, this is the location to choose! A disclaimer, this location works best in the afternoon or on an overcast day. The sun sets on the opposite side of the stadium and gives a beautiful backlit glow!

Bryant-Denny Stadium

Speaking of the beloved Stadium, no list of graduation portrait locations would be complete without the home of the greatest football team in history. One of my most popular locations and exciting from all angles, this location is great for early morning or late evening shoots. This is one of my favorite places to pop champagne and enjoy some more casual and fun images!

"Roll Tide" Bridge in Northport

The cutest little landmark in adorable downtown Northport, this cute ode to the Crimson Tide Fandom makes a sweet and fun back drop for casual photos as well as the cutest, though perhaps most precarious, cap toss photos in town!

My Graduates College

This is where my grads spend the majority of their time. It's either their one, true home, or the most triggering place in the world to them, but it's always so fun to photograph these locations nonetheless because there is a limitless world of options!