The Branding Experience

Let's show 'em how it's done

You work so hard. You serve your clients every day, you burn the midnight oil, you hustle. Don't you want to show those folks your authentic self? The person behind those long hours and devotion to your brand? If you ask me, it's time to show them.

Authentic imagery that connects you with your dream clients

Your business is a story book. It's got a beginning that started with you and an idea, and now you're starting to make your way to the good part. The part that has you staying up late turning page after page trying to decide what happens next. The part that has you on the edge of your seat to know how the rest is going to play out. It's such an amazing story, and you want to recommend it to everyone you know, and you want everything to snatch it up off the shelf.

But as much as we're told not to, we do judge books by their cover. That's where I come in.

I'm MK

I was raised in a family of entrepreneurs. Among my immediate family alone, we own 9 businesses, and I've played a part in telling the story of nearly every one of them. From the kid who was tired of going to the gas station so he started a fuel delivery business to the mom who couldn't find the right birthday party invitation so she started a stationary business, the ultramarathon runner who saw a gap in the needs of the Tuscaloosa running community so he opened a running supply store in the middle of downtown and the father who works to uplift and provide local news to small communities, we have a LOT going on.

We know how amazing our own stories are, but we were faced with the challenge of getting people to invest their own time, energy and interest into what we had going on. That's where my business takes up the reins.

To make a long story short, I've worked for newspapers, magazines, now running my own business, I continue to tell the stories of celebrations, families being made, and businesses doing what they do best. Currently, I work full time to tell the brand story of The University of Alabama, one of the greatest stories of all time. All of this was done through imagery. Through showing rather than telling.

I can't wait to add your story to my shelf.


Consider these a workout class for your business!

Having consistent branding imagery that keeps your customers and clients showing up can be tough. That's why I'm here.

Keep your content up to date, fresh, and on-brand.

*packages expire one year from purchase*

3 Session Package

3 sixty minute sessions


6 Session Package

6 sixty minute sessions


A La Carte

Perfect for quick brand refreshes, the first branding session, larger companies and new websites. A one-time session is a great place to start!

one hour - $400

Two Hours - $600

Half Day - $1,200

The Experience

I'm not just hear to take pretty pictures. Let's create a plan that is going to tell a consistent story with enough personalized content to get you going and keep you going. Here's how we'll do it:

Pre-shoot strategy communication
Creative Direction
Props, location and equipment planning
Experienced Visual Story-Telling
100+ Edited Images
Online Gallery
Web size + High Resoluation Images
Consistent look + feel
On brand + authentic imagery

I'm ready to book


What is branding photography?

Branding photography is the imagery that helps tell the story of your business. It captures the moments that really show how your business operates, how you serve your customers, and usually and hopefully shows you! It's basically your physical proof that you are who you say you are, and that you do what you say you do!

Who is branding photography for?

Branding photography is for the people who really want to tell their story well. (Shout to those who understand us visual learners!) I've worked with large companies and single-person businesses, and all their stories are amazing and so fun to tell. Imagery will boost ANY business's connection with their audience.

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