This is such a common question.

I do my best to answer this before the question ever gets asked, but sometimes all the basics don't get covered when you're caught up in the excitement of adding a new name to the calendar! So, let me cover the basics as though you've just booked my standard graduation package. Here's what you'll need:


Some things are necessary in the summertime, and some in the wintertime, so we're going to discuss them both. I can't tell you how many times on a hot, April day I've had a grad nearly pass out. Please bring water and a snack with you. Alabama is hot. But Alabama can also be cold. If you're attending a shoot in January, your cute dress and grad robe are not going to keep you warm enough. Please bring a coat, and maybe some hot coffee!

Walking Shoes

The University of Alabama is gorgeous, but let's be real, she's a little spread out. Heels don't feel great strutting across the quad, so bring your favorite Birks, Uggs, or Chacos to make our way from the Mansion to Bryant-Denny!


This is obviously not required, but if you're looking to pop some champagne, please bring it with you! Also, this may surprise you, but I recommend bringing along the cheap, $7, twist-top champagne versus expensive, corked bottles! My tried-and-true pop method works best with these, so I highly recommend them!

Sentimental Items

Every time someone pulls out their grandmother's necklace, or their mom's favorite shaker, I get a little teary-eyed. I know it sounds ridiculous, but it's totally true. Please bring your sentimental items with you so we can capture them for forever.

What about confetti?

Full disclosure- I may be the most extra person you ever meet. I will provide the prettiest confetti ever, which I know will fly and float well for a photo, so you don't have to stand at Michael's pondering over the best kind for half an hour. Don't worry dude, I got you on this.

Anything else?

Bring along any props you think you might want in your photo! Shakers, "Thanks Mom and Dad" signs, etc., are all on you because they can be so unique to each person! Also, cap and gown, because duh.