Welcome here!

Hey there, how's it goin? I'm MK, and I've done what you're doing about a hundred times. I've been in the photo biz for a decade, and I'm still trying to learn all the time too! However, with 10 years as a professional portrait photographer, I figure it's time to spread the knowledge a little.

It's so great to see you here, looking into becoming a better businessperson for your clients. It's been a dream of mine to help people build their businesses the way I was fortunate enough to build mine, and I can't wait to see where these tips and tricks take you!

With so many different learning styles in the world and the variety of needs you may have, I'm doing my best to cover all my bases. Below, you'll find information on how to check out free content as well as sign up for my very first MKC Photography Workshop, a one-day deep dive into my approach to College Grad Photos.

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the most important question I ask when starting a shoot

What is it?

Free Resources!

My absolute favorite Tuscaloosa locations

Where are they?

My Gear Checklist

Nikon Z62, Nikon z6, nikon 50mm f1.8, 85mm f1.8, 24-70mm f2.8, 70-200mm 2.8, and some other odds and ends!

The Workshop

The first opportunity ever to learn from me in person...

And I'm so freakin excited. After having shot 750+ grads (that's a real number, not a joke) I think I'm sort of well versed in shooting them, so I'm so excited to share my tips and tricks to book the clients YOU want, capture images they will loves, and get campus buzzing about you and your work!

Here's how the whole thing will work:

We'll meet up for coffee and let me get to know you a little better, sit down with some snacks for a couple hours of education (I could go on all day, but we'll all get tired of me talking), we'll head to campus for a styled grad shoot with real UA students, then we'll meet back up for pizza, a sit down editing session with one-on-one feedback and critique from me, and then we'll finish the day up with a final Q&A! And that's just what is happening on workshop day (October 24).

What you can expect to take with you:
  • All the tips and tricks I can offer towards photographing grads to the best of your ability
  • Marketing tips to bring the attention of some awesome clients
  • My very first preset pack so you can take all my editing tricks with you
  • Finished portfolio pieces to show your clients what you're made of

The Details:
  • October 24, 2021 from 11 am until 7 p.m.
  • Tuscaloosa, AL (exact location TBD!)
  • Styled Grad Shoot at the President's Mansion, Denny Chimes, and Bryant-Denny Stadium!
  • Dinner and refreshments included
  • An $1,800 value for $500

Are you ready to learn all the secrets?