Getting published by GLAMOUR?!

I'm sorry for the click-baity title, but it's happening. It's really happening. 


My photograph IS RUNNING IN THE FREAKING SEPTEMBER EDITION OF GLAMOUR FREAKING MAGAZINE. As in GLAMOUR with Taylor Swift, or Mila Kunis or Emma Stone on the cover.


I promise I'm professional.


So how does a small-town portrait photographer end up getting published in GLAMOUR FREAKING MAGAZINE you may ask? Well I am more than happy to tell you exactly how it happened. 


I work for The University of Alabama College of Arts & Sciences as a writer. I started this job in January and really do love it. I've gotten to meet some amazing people and take part in the planning of some amazing fundraising events for my alma mater and, on top of all that, I have some amazing superiors who took the time to get to know me and my passions and were fully aware photography is my calling. 


So fast forward to April. GLAMOUR approached one of my superiors asking to be put in touch with a female student photographer on UA's campus to photograph diverse women on campus for an online article. My boss asked me if I'd be interested and like, it's GLAMOUR FREAKING MAGAZINE. I jumped on the opportunity, put out a model call and was not disappointed when nearly 30 people expressed interest. I settled on four women who I believed represented diversity on our campus, were leaders and people I would consider role models.


I submitted my photos by the April 21 deadline, but didn't hear back for a while. I got a little down on myself thinking maybe they didn't like the photos or they had scrapped the idea. I was bummed.


Fast forward again to June. Not only is the article not scrapped, the GLAMOUR team wants to use MY photo (the one right there) of Casi and Ari Gibson, two amazing women I met through an Honors College program in which you mentor freshmen at UA and help them get their bearings, a program I also went through as a freshman which became an invaluable experience for me. (I mentored for two years and loved every second.) The online article is now scheduled to go live towards the end of August when people are going back to school. 


I, being who I am, screamed, jumped up and down and promptly called my mom.


So the reporter who plans to do the story portion of the article gets in touch with Ari and Casi and conducts an interview and just casually mentions they may run an article in the PRINT EDITION about women across the country. 


I, being who I am, screamed, jumped up and down and promptly called my mom.


However, I had still not heard this directly from GLAMOUR, so not official...yet.


June 24th. A Saturday. A day I typically don't check my email until late afternoon. As I'm getting ready that morning, I see my university email has a few unread messages, so I check out of curiosity. I have an new email from the Deputy Visuals Editor from Glamour. I'd communicated with her a little, so I recognized her name and thought it was strange to have an email from her on a Saturday. My eyes went directly to the second paragraph.


"I have some exciting news. Our creative director and editor in chief want to run your photo of Casi & Ari in the magazine in our September issue story on women in all 50 states! This will hit newsstands in early August."


I, being who I am, screamed, jumped up and down and promptly called my mom.


And I mean, that's pretty much the story. I filled out some paperwork and am now waiting eagerly for a copy. Thanks for sticking with me to the end of that. Keep checking back for more crazy things happening in my life! (Teasers: grad school, grad photos, weddings, and more!)


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